Hurrah! The Finders Keepers Markets Are Back This Weekend!

The Finders Keepers markets are back, baby! We’re so excited to be part of the 2021 seasons – on board as the proud media partner – and can’t wait to see all your bright, happy faces at the Spring/Summer markets!

After the gorgeous Autumn/Winter market earlier in the year, Finders Keepers will return to Brisbane from 15 – 17 October – that’s this weekend – where the magic will happen at the Exhibition Building in Brisbane Showgrounds! You’ll be able to say g’day to us (along with almost 100 other stall holders), pick up a special subscription offer and snap a shot in front of our fabulous floral photo wall. We’ll also have a range of our latest sewing patterns for sale printed as A0 (to save you the hassle of sticky taping together a mountain of A4 pages from our digital sewing patterns). Come say hello to the team then get your fill of design, fashion, homewares and all the usual Finders Keepers goodness.


After Brisbane, the markets head to Sydney and take over The Cutaway in Barangaroo Reserve in early December with more details still to be revealed. Unfortunately, for our Melbourne pals, the Victorian markets have been cancelled. “This decision was not an easy one to make and we know that even when the lockdown lifts the continuation of restrictions on large events means we would not be able to host the events we promised our creative community,” the team shared.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Brisbane, tickets for the markets this weekend are on sale now (just $5 with only pre-purchased tickets available this year due to COVID restrictions). And by simply buying a ticket, you’ll also go in the running to win one of five subscriptions to Peppermint! What a steal. Head to the link here for all the details and book your session today. 

While events took a necessary back seat over the last year, due to you-know-what, and pivoting became the order of the day (we’ll be happy to never see that word ever again), nothing beats seeing lovely things in person, along with meeting the makers behind the talented brands. We’re super excited to be (cautiously!) seeing all our friends again, and can’t wait to help support all the small designers and businesses. Don’t forget, you can always shop using the fabulous Finders Keepers Online Marketplace too. 

To get you excited about all things Finders Keepers and help you curate your shopping list, we caught up with five of the lovely stallholders ahead of the Brissie event to learn a bit about what they do and why they love the markets! 


Wulkuraka Designs

Tell us a bit about what you make…

Everything I make comes from a spiritual place of culture, emotions and knowledge. As a clan woman with blood ties to Kullili Country (Thargomindah) and Lardil Country (Mornington Island), and being connected to lore and land of Yuggera Country (Ipswich), I feel it is important for me to create artwork that is telling a story of our people. I don’t want non-Indigenous Australians to rely on any type of media to explain our culture as they usually cast us all in a negative light.

We are the most passionate, creative and driven people you will ever meet. We were the first people to create abstract art. We were the first people to understand the relationship between humans and land. All this knowledge that has been passed down to me has given me the freedom to tell my ancestors’ and my stories through jewellery, homewares, clothes, digital art and, my favourite, paint and ochre on canvases. I work with emu feathers, ochre and lots of natural fibres so people can see my art beyond their eyes and touch and feel its texture and layers of history.

Why do you love The Finders Keepers?​

I love The Finders Keepers because they only allow real Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses to operate there. The ‘Fake Art Harms Culture’ campaign is motivated to give education around fake Aboriginal art. It really affects our people both professionally and spiritually. If we can have more people purchasing authentic art and not from “cheap shops”, we can grow as a community, together. I would not want anything fake in my house. The most common stolen art in the world is the dream catcher. Unless it is made from a First Nations artist from North America, I will not purchase it – it is not our history or journey. The same goes for our art: I urge any corporations, buyers and individuals if they are confused on what to do or buy, please contact me. I can help with the linkage.

What are you looking forward to most about returning to the markets?​

This will be my first time at The Finders Keepers so I am nervous. I am very connected to all my pieces and that bond makes me happy when others like to have some. It is a huge compliment to see non-Indigenous people wear our culture and work. We want you to wear it. There is always that question, “Can non-First Nations wear Aboriginal art?” Of course you can!! Please please! We are three percent of the Australian population, we need your support to help us grow not just being supported by our brothers’ and sisters’ businesses. I can’t wait to feel the vibe of the place and to open the gates of people’s minds to our beautiful culture.

I can’t wait to meet everyone at The Finders Keepers! I can’t wait to hear your stories and you to hear mine. Please come and say hello at my stall Wulkuraka Designs and have a laugh – I am always open to questions and advice.

Why is the creative community so special?​

Art to our people is a symbol of healing. We have a lot of health issues and intergenerational trauma. Art is a form of medicine that is separate from westernised techniques. Personally, I want to be an art therapist/psychologist – I am currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science – so I can open my own practice one day and do both traditional and westernised approaches to healing. For now, I am an Aboriginal Health Worker, working with women and helping them with their struggles in life through Aboriginal art.

The creative community as a whole is important, but with government funding being slashed and the federal art department merged with different sectors, it has a chain reaction to small businesses like myself. We need to stand together and support each other. Not to be selfish, but to share ideas and knowledge. Sharing knowledge shouldn’t affect sales – I don’t believe in competition as my art is very unique and has its own journey.

Ukiyo Boutique

Tell us a bit about what you make…

I have always loved dresses and linen. Like most designers, I design for myself.  Think loose but flattering styles, longer midi lengths, because I’m tall, and versatile styles so I can wear a dress across seasons and create different looks. I have some staple pieces, but mostly I like creating new styles in small batches that are always directed by the fabrics that I source. 

Why do you love The Finders Keepers?

The Finders Keepers is an inspiring event that brings like-minded designers together and captures an audience who appreciates the time and love that these designers have invested. The more people we can showcase to, the more chance we have of finding customers who like what we do. The Finders Keepers has a large following, invests a lot in marketing and has the passion to make the event successful for small holders.

What are you looking forward to most about returning to the markets? 

I’m really looking forward to seeing customers try on my dresses. I love seeing their surprise when they look in the mirror and see how effortless and amazing they look. An event like this brings my dresses to life. I get quite nervous about markets – it’s quite confronting putting yourself out there on display – but it’s good I think to push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Why is the creative community so special? 

We tend to work by ourselves mostly so it’s wonderful to come together in support of each other. The frustrations and self doubt that we all experience are not unique and I think The Finders Keepers helps to re-energise and refocus everyone on why we do what we do.


Tell us a bit about what you make…

ELKE pieces are delicate by nature, yet industrial by design. Each piece is uniquely crafted using industrial methods and metals, such as stainless steel and copper. Currently, my collection consists mainly of statement earrings and pendants. I have also created a small collection of 100% silk scarves and twillies that are printed with my original designs.

ELKE pieces are inspired by the land and are true to the raw beauty of the Australian environment. It’s the contrast of the hand-drawn elements with the industrial precision and intricate nature of laser-cutting that draws people to my pieces.

Alongside jewellery, I have a passion for storytelling through mixed media such as projection, illustration, videography, textile design, branding and animation.

The machines we use are powered by the sun, we’re slow, small-batch and try to give back where we can. $1 from all sales at ELKE are currently being donated to Wildlife Queensland who aim to encourage everyone to gain an appreciation of wildlife and its habitat, leading to a greater understanding of the challenges and pressures it increasingly faces. They do this by protecting wildlife, influencing choices and engaging communities.

Why do you love The Finders Keepers?

The Finders Keepers has a knack for curating and putting all of the most talented and special creatives in one room. It’s becoming the one singular hub for people to find Australian makers, locally and nation-wide. The introduction of their online platform has helped grow my business immensely and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their community.

What are you looking forward to most about returning to the markets?

This is my debut stall at Finders Keepers! I am excited to meet fellow creatives and Brissie locals who have a passion for slow and Australian-made pieces. It’s been a huge goal of mine to have a stall at The Finders Keepers, so I cannot wait to experience it for the first time! I know it will be rewarding and refreshing to be amongst art, design and all the cool people!

Why is the creative community so special?

The creative community is genuinely so welcoming and supportive. Recently it has been inspiring to see how small, creative businesses (who have been struggling themselves in the current climate) bring other businesses up through collaboration, sharing knowledge and offering support. It’s a competitive space, however, it is evident that creatives care about others and have empathy at their core, which means competition isn’t the be-all and end-all of business. It’s collaboration and community that allows creative businesses to grow and flourish.

Bonnie Hislop

Tell us a bit about what you make…

I make hand-built painterly ceramic functional artworks.

Why do you love The Finders Keepers? 

I love connecting with customers and other makers. The Finders Keepers has always brought such a wonderful community of people together passionate about all things handmade and beautiful design.

What are you looking forward to most about returning to the markets? 

I really enjoy the process of preparing a collection for a market and being able to emerge from that creative bubble and celebrate with other like-minded people. It feels really special and exciting to be able to do that again after so long.

Why is the creative community so special? 

The Brisbane creative community has always felt like a family to me, always so supportive and embracing of new creative ideas, and always willing to share tips and knowledge.

Washpool Skin Wellness

Tell us a bit about what you make…

We are artisanal producers of natural bath, body and home goods. Solid soap bars will always be at the core of our range, however, over time demand has prompted us to develop a wider range of products – all made in our rural soaperie at Ballandean (Granite Belt, Queensland).

Why do you love The Finders Keepers? 

There’s an energy at Finders. Can we say, “It’s the vibe”?  We love the fact that people who choose to attend The Finders Keepers consciously decide to support artisans. Market-goers are relaxed, engaged and curious, and we love meeting new and established customers face to face.

What are you looking forward to most about returning to the markets? 

We’ve been fortunate to have returned many times to The Finders Keepers and it’s always lovely to hear a market-goer turn a corner and say, “There’s Washpool!”  We feel like we’re established members of the tribe which is an honour. 

Why is the creative community so special? 

We can’t wait to set up our stall and allow some time to take in all the other stalls. Even when we come across stallholders that we’ve seen many times, there’s always something fresh and new. A true creative community naturally leans toward creating amazing new products to share with an engaged, enthusiastic audience.

The Finders Keepers is Australia’s largest curated marketplace of makers, designers and entrepreneurs. Online, and via their major market events, the Finders Keepers is where communities come together to shop, explore and discover the very best from designers, makers and entrepreneurs in our country.