Farm it Out

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Those enterprising folks at Creative Collectives, who describe themselves as ‘Australia’s self-sufficiency and community living network’, have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help expand their innovative School of Self-Sufficiency. The School, which is based in Victoria, aims to show people how they can become ‘self-sufficient dynamos’ – every month, they run three-day workshops that cover all kinds of practical skills and eco-knowledge, from homesteading and hand crafts to permaculture and community living.

To continue its wonderful work, the School needs more land – but first, they need your help. Their crowdfunding campaign is to raise funds for them to buy a farm property in Eldorado that will become the base for all their programs and activities and allow them to continue educating people about simple, sustainable, natural living. Any support you’re able to give, from donations to social media shares, is welcome, so muck in if you can!