Easter Fair

Easter’s already pretty sweet, but there’s a way to make it sweeter. Instead of the usual yearly gorge on whatever’s displayed at the supermarket (leaving us all, days later, passed out in an unsightly sugar coma beneath a small mountain of packaging), why don’t we do Easter the smart way: with Oxfam? We won’t ruin your week with the more unsavoury realities behind the commercial chocolate industry, but we will say that you won’t need to worry about any of that with a visit to Oxfam, as all of their products are 100% Fair Trade (and don’t worry, ethical still tastes damn delicious). But if more chocolate’s not for you, then you can also choose from their even sweeter selection of Easter goodies like a Bunny Egg Box, Papier Mache Painted Eggs or an Easter Puzzle for the kiddies. Excitingly, the Fair Trade ethos is catching on, with Chocolatier and Cadbury also offering some ethical goodness this year too. Just look out for the Fair Trade logo and enjoy!