Easter Fair for All

The Easter Bunny’s coming!! – but sometimes that little Easter Bunny doesn’t always think through the full social and ethical implications of the eggs in his little basket. Luckily for him (or her?), organisations like Oxfam are here to help, reminding us that as delicious as chocolate might look and taste, the same luxury doesn’t necessarily translate to the standards for workers in cocoa fields around the world. We don’t want to ruin your Easter with stories of bonded and child labour, so we won’t – but we will remind you that any product with a Fair Trade label comes with the extra delicious guarantee of fair wages and beneficial working conditions and community development programs for those who make your chocolatey treats possible. So keep an extra eye out when selecting your swag this Easter and help strengthen that all-important consumer demand for ethical products. Even candy-bar-kingpins Cadbury have ventured into fair trade recently – but make sure to check packaging carefully, as not all their chocolates are created equal… yet!

WIN! To remind you that fairness at Easter goes beyond just splitting that chocolate bunny as evenly as possible down the middle, Oxfam have kindly donated a fair trade chocolate (and coffee!) goodies hamper to make one reader’s Easter an extra indulgent one. For more details and your chance to win, head over to our Facebook page. Happy Easter friends!