Doilies by Design

Ahh doilies… That humble mainstay of Nana’s house; crocheted little critters imbued with so much history and beauty and just waiting to be picked up and brought to life in new forms and fashions. Conveniently, this is precisely what will be on show this weekend at I Say Doilies, You Say Doyleys: An exhibition of refashioned doily creations from Melbourne and beyond. Exhibitors include textile artist Louise Saxton, Rayna Fahey from Radical Cross Stitch, ‘The Quilt Lady’ Melissa Ninham, Camille Condon of ‘Curlypops’ and in-house maker (and friend of Peppermint) Liz Jones of Betty Jo. The space has also just opened a permanent retail store offshoot, dedicated to all things handmade, reused, upcycled and remastered. Come along to the opening night on Friday, March 16th from 5.30pm for special discounts, or catch the show during opening hours up until April 13th. Gleaners Inc. is located at 2 Ballarat Street, Brunswick.