It’s a Dog’s Life! Some of Our Fave Sewing Patterns for Pooches

Once you get the handle on sewing things for yourself, you can enter the dangerous and exciting world of sewing things for the ones you love. And here at Peppermint HQ (or should we say Puppermint…) there’s nothing we love more than our four-legged friends. So whether you want to coordinate with your canine in sweet little matching outfits or just give them a treat for being such a good boy or gal, we’ve traversed the wild, wild west of the crafternet to round up some of the best dog sewing patterns out there for your special pooch. 

So without further awoo, on your barks, get set, sew!

Hot to Trot

Your pup might have a shiny, healthy coat of fur but why not keep them extra cosy with a stylish home-sewn coat to seal the deal. Perhaps your hound would like a snuggly hoodie of the UrbanThreads kind or maybe they howl for a more sophisticated quilted coat like Closet Core’s free pattern

Thrift Flip

What’s a more heartfelt gesture to man’s best friend than giving them the very shirt off your back? There are some sweet thrift flips out there on how to turn your people clothes (predictable, pedestrian) into doggy clothes (delightful and darling). The Canine Carhartt Coat is a foolproof recipe for transforming any old zip-up jacket into a street smart look for your dog, 


Bow Wow Wow

Some dogs don’t care to wear clothes, as is their right. But does this bar them from participating in fashion? No way! There are all sorts of ace accessories you can whip up to give your pooch the perfect finishing touch to their look as you strut down the runway on their walkies. Like Spoonflower’s secret to sewing the perfect bandana or their guide to making your dog a dapper little dude with a bodacious bowtie

Dog Tired

Does your dog love to sleep on top of your sewing supplies? Is every time you lay down some material to try to cut out a pattern a target beam to nap time? Cleverly distract them by making a bunch of your fabric into a dog bed! For the dog who loves a-scrimbling and scrambling amongst the blankets, Lia Griffith presents the Burrow Dog Bed. For the pupper that’s a real sweetie pie, Spoonflower showcases the DIY Doughnut Bed

Like a Dog to a Bone

It’s a tough life being a dog. No job, no rent, no existential angst, lying in sunbeams and getting head scritches. It’s no wonder they need to unwind with play time. You can also bring the handmade touch to your pooch’s toy box! Make them a big ol’ bone of cartoonishly large proportions or a soft patchwork ball to chase. You can even upcycle old t-shirts into great braided tug toys!