Dear Santa, from Tess

Well, Santa – it’s been a while. You know I’ve never really bought into this whole ‘Christmas’ thing and all the crazy over-consumption that goes along with it. So normally I’d sit on your knee all high-and-mighty-like and ask for nothing at all (well perhaps a donation to the East Africa famine), but since this year you asked what was on my wishlist – well, maybe I’ll just let myself indulge a little… Santa, ANYTHING from the current Gorman S/S collection would make me very happy (you know they have an online store now? Tell your elves). I’m also quite taken with this Fountain Tunic from Starfish, and definitely wouldn’t object to a me&oli sweet nothing dress or this origami fox brooch by Kimono Reincarnate to go with it. I’ll also need something for my feet, so I think this pair of El Naturalista boots would definitely do the job. And, while we’re at it, put me down for a goat too. Thanks Santa – and remember, you don’t have to