Dear Santa, from Raquel

OK Santa, here it is: the lil’ tab I’ve been keeping of things I’d love to nab. First up, I’m digging these cute Urban Composter bins. Bags the berry one. I love wood and I love chunky. (Miserably) Mark Tuckey is not in this year’s budget so I ask only for one of these stunning oak bangles from Skellig Designs. And of the Jon Campbell linen tea towel I’ve been eyeing off for six months and some? Nope, I don’t intend to dry dishes with it. Merely to frame it and hang it in my kitchen where it can smartly (read, accurately) pass judgement on my cooking/state of mind/love life. And you’re right, self centeredness is not a good look. Ergo, I request of you something for at least one of the kiddos, like this organic Tiny Revolutionary tee or a set of fair trade summer PJs from Eternal Creation. Not a licensed character in sight and ace-looking to boot. That’d be your boot, er, stocking. The one you’re going to stash all these goodies in, right? Thanks Santa!