Dear Santa, from Jaye

Hi Santa, it’s Jaye here… remember me? I’m the one that got a little over zealous last festive season, singing ‘Santa Baby’ in my very best, sexy Madonna voice (not very sexy) to anyone who’d listen after one too many on Christmas Day. How could you forget! Well, I can promise you I’ve made up for that little display this year and have been extremely well behaved – I’ve been using my car less, been hand-making fun little gifts for my friends this year and have planted my own super-awesome herb patch which is absolutely flourishing! So, with what a good girl I’ve been in mind, I’ve decided to put together my little Xmas wish list… incase you’ve been wondering what I’ve been coveting.

A hot summer calls for a hot new pair of sunnies (preferably some recycled wood frames from Holloway thanks) – paired with a Billy & Lola swimsuit made from vintage and organic fabric – perfect for those lazy days at the beach. My little herb patch would look fantastic upgraded to the Ready-to-Plant fully prepared No-Dig ‘Little Vege’ garden, and WOW! Check out this Yike Bike! Let me explain… With clever engineering and cutting-edge industrial design, the YikeBike is the world’s smallest light-weight folding electric bike. Think of all the eco-fun I could have riding around this summer! Now Santa, I know what you’re thinking… but it is only a wish list, after all!

Lastly, how about these Identitat organic cotton yoga pants as a last minute stocking stuffer? Thanks Santa, whatever you come up with I’m sure I’ll love and just so you know, a kiss and a cuddle from someone I love will do me fine this year – and if every single person on this planet could have the same, I’d never ask for a single thing again. xox