Dear Santa, from Emily

This year’s been a big one for me: I’ve finished uni, started my first job and I’ve moved out of home. Yep, I’ve turned into a responsible adult, so I think some sensible presents to help me prepare for the new year might be apt. I’d like to eat more healthy foods, and I think this Complete Organic Gift Box from Naturally Gifted might set me on the right track, and a Burgon & Ball planter box will motivate me to spend more time in the garden – and even grow my own veggies. To keep the sand out of my shoes, I’d love some natural rubber Breo Thongs – in yellow and pink, preferably and to keep me cool (and up my fruit intake), an Onyx stainless steel popsicle mould would be just the ticket. Finally, a 2012 Rebound Books diary made from recycled paper and discarded books might inspire me to be more organised so that I can spend more time enjoying my other gifts. Thanks in advance, Santa.