Six Super Cute Crochet Projects to Get Your Hooks Into


Did our recent guide to learning crochet turn you from a wool-gathering novice to a stitching superstar? Or maybe you’re a long-term member of the crochet crew looking for some cool new projects to sink your hook into. Whatever your stitching sitch, if you’ve got some sweet wool burning a hole in your stash and fingers itching to yarn over something, we’ve got options for you!    

We’ve combed the crafter-net for a few of the cutest crochet projects, appropriate for beginners and beyond, and all of them are free – just for you. So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in and crochet away!

Hot Over the Collar 

We’ve got a bit of a crochet crush on Miss Katie Jones and her wonderfully colourful creations. Out of all the free projects she generously offers her army of adoring fans, the one we’re hankering to whip up is the Flower Folk Collar she designed for the Victoria and Albert Museum. Add a dash of crocheted whimsy and style to any outfit!

Dump Him 

An iconic Britney fashion moment brought within our clutches through the power of crochet! This is a great introductory project to dip your toe in the tapestry technique. Phenomenal crochet patternmaker @IWillCrochet offers this moving mantra as a free crochet chart, alongside a tutorial on how to turn it into a basic top, and you can see people have made it their own in all sorts of ways. Tube top, wall hanging, tote bag – how will you encourage your friends to throw the whole man away?

The Bucket (Hat) List 

Crocheted hats – they’re so hot right now! Keep your head warm and protected from the sun at the same time. Give your headwear a sweet botanical twist with @YasSuck’s beginner-friendly daisy bucket hat tutorial. We love the drama of the extra frills in the brim and the different vibes yarn choice can bring from cottagecore sweetness to acid-pop punk!


Pack A Picnic 

A bag is a classic crochet project – once you finish it, you can use it to carry around other crochet projects on the go – and this picnic tote bag from Hay Hay Crochet is particularly covetable! Gingham may seem like an intimidating design to crochet, but under Heather’s hands, it’s revealed to be a simple colour-switching technique with showstopping results. 

Cardigan (Taylor’s Version) 

As much as we may try, we are not immune to the wiles of Harry Styles, whether it’s humming along to the irresistibly catchy strains of ‘Late Night Talking’ or coveting his taste in cosy cardigans. Elviona Halim has our back with her two-part tutorial teaching you how to make a patchwork crochet cardigan of your very own! Mix up the colours to put your own spin on this adorable outerwear!

Put On A Happy Face

A granny square is the building block of so many projects – including the bucket hat and cardigan projects listed above – so the more variations you collect, the more opportunities you have to personalise and patchwork your pieces. A sweet variation to keep in your back pocket is this smiley face square from Craft Passion. Did you know that the smiley face was invented in 1963 by graphic designer Harvey Ball as part of a project to boost the morale of employees at the State Mutual Life Assurance Company? Sort of bleak! But a fun fact to share with people who compliment your rad crochet projects!