Cruising for Tigers

Ever wanted to save a tiger? How about go cruising in the Caribbean? And what about solving a murder? Why not be super efficient and do all three in the one afternoon – and maybe meet the man or woman of your dreams at the same time! The Honey Bar in South Melbourne is hosting a murder mystery afternoon for singles on March 18th to raise funds for TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network. The ‘murder’ takes place on a Caribbean cruise, and it’s the perfect excuse to dress as a sailor, stowaway, crew member, swimming instructor, Rastafarian, Hawaiian, beachgoer or high society passenger. There will be free coconuts from The Green Coconut to get you into the cruisey spirit of the afternoon, plus other prizes up for grabs. Put the word out to your single friends (don’t forget your single male friends! Men tend to be shy about this kind of thing, but we know they’ll have fun once they get there!) and check here for tickets and more information. It may be a night for tigers, but cougars are more than welcome. Image © Roger Hooper / WWF-Canon