Create from a crate

Creative Crates

Packing crates have been the material of choice for fabulously cheap furnishings in hip homes, gardens and cafes for years. Now the multi-tasking pallet is about to be rewarded for its contribution to saving the planet and sparking the imagination of eco-savvy designers everywhere. Create from a Crate pits more than 30 furniture makers, artists and designers against one another in their efforts to turn two wooden packing crates into paragons of art and design. Organised by the Victorian Woodworking Association in collaboration with Waste Converters Recycling, the exhibition – running from 8th to 22nd February in Ivanhoe, and 27th February to 16th March in Ballarat – offers creative solutions to address the problem of an estimated 500,000 tonnes of timber being disposed of each year in Victoria alone. So if you’re in the market for a new-from-old table or inspiring piece of art, get packing and get on down to the exhibition!  See the Create from a Crate Facebook page for more details.