Come Dine With Me

Eat With

Nothing beats a healthy home-cooked meal shared with friends – but what about sitting down to dinner with a table full of strangers? The Airbnb of the culinary world, EatWith is a new social networking site built on the idea that communal dining can be a great way to learn about a new place, experience a different culture and meet like-minded people. Amateur and professional cooks alike can use the site to host informal ‘roving restaurants’ by designing their own menu, opening up their home and laying the table for a select number of guests, while diners use EatWith to track down events in their local area and RSVP online. Exchange a suggested donation directly with your host and you’ll be treated to one unique meal. Focused on promoting small scale, low-impact eating and making dining a social experience, since launching in Europe, EatWith has spread its network to the US, aiming to foster a global community linked by a love of good foodWhile we wait for EatWith to reach Australian shores, why not try linking up a home-cooked meal next time you’re travelling!