Coffee Couture

Project Upcycle - Alice Sutton

When it comes to recycling, every little bit counts. Boutique coffee giant Nespresso have some clever measures in place to promote recycling of their coffee capsules, including supplying recycling bags and canisters to customers. Recently Nespresso invited six leading sustainable artists and designers – each representing their own state or territory – to fashion an original artwork made entirely from sustainable materials, including thousands of little recycled Nespresso coffee capsules. Project Upcycle produced a great range of innovative designs, including contributions from Peppermint faves Ellie Mucke, Holloway Eyewear and Alice Sutton of zero waste label EDITION (design pictured). Believe it or not, Alice’s garment is made by stuffing coffee capsules inside Merino wool and bamboo fabrics to create a three-dimensional tubular hemline. With the project now complete, you can view Alice’s incredible garment on display at the Canberra Nespresso Boutique until September 1st, or jump online to see the rest of the Project Upcycle creations.