Carbon Scares & Polar Bears

Climate change naysayers, take note. When polar bears start hanging out in Sydney, there’s definitely something afoot with the weather. From today until June 10th, one particularly special bear will make its icy presence felt during Sydney’s Vivid Festival. British sculptor Mark Coreth has travelled the world with his Ice Bear Project, and is bringing it to the harbourside city. He will carve the life-sized melting ice sculpture of a polar bear at Customs House Square today, and visitors will be encouraged to touch the sculpture as it melts over the next 3-4 days until only its bronze skeleton remains – a fitting metaphor for the human impact on our environment. There will also be a public event in Customs House Square on Sunday 5 June to mark World Environment Day – why not drop in after taking part in the Say Yes carbon tax rally? Similar rallies are happening around the country too, so have your say on World Environment Day – starting by clicking here to find out more info!