Brighter Futures

Global Womens Project

Don’t you love that wired feeling you get from learning something new? A group of women in Nepal are sharing that kind of lightbulb moment right now, thanks to a vocational program set up by Global Women’s Project in partnership with the Women’s Foundation of Nepal. The Melbourne-based GWP has worked with the Nepalese foundation and industry specialists to develop a six-week electrical wiring training program for women. In a country where traditional gender role stereotyping remains strong, the program will allow graduates to access skills not usually available to them, gain employment, and in addition, begin fixing Nepal’s poor standard of electrical wiring. While the first group of bright sparks is already studying, adding to their number will require some support to the tune of $2,000. To that end, GWP is running a crowdfunding campaign over the next fortnight – head on over to their Chuffed page to find out more, and for a real buzz, make a donation and help a woman in Nepal switch on to a brighter future.