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Bound to Save

Two hundred and thirty kilograms – if you’re anything like the average Australian (computer converts included), that’s the total weight of paper you’re likely to consume this calender year.

Sick of seeing mountains of the stuff binned in his own workplace, Melbourne architect Jon Yong had a cracker of an idea to help office types and creative folk reuse their white waste in an elegant, practical fashion. The Paper Saver may look like a regular notebook on the outside, but it’s what’s inside – or rather, what’s not inside – that counts. Its simple synthetic-leather case can snugly fit up to 50 leafs, but without a single page pre-inserted, it’s up to you to rummage in the recycling bin and find your fill. Lined, gridded, blank or coloured: if one side is plain, you can use it again. And when you’ve exhausted your supply, simply remove and recycle your notebook’s insides then find a new stack to reuse.

Rescuing paper that would otherwise have been binned too early, the Paper Saver proudly proclaims to be ‘the last notebook you’ll ever need’.