Be Somebody

These days its easy enough to hide behind a text or an email, but what does our tendency to shy away from verbal communication really say about the state of human relationships in this hyper-connected world? Off-beat filmmaker and artist Miranda July is drawing attention to these issues with a new app, made in collaboration with New York’s New Museum and fashion house Miu Miu. Launching overnight in select hotspots in the U.S., Somebody is a messaging service with a difference. A modern-day take on the talking telegram, the app allows you to write messages and direction prompts (i.e. smiling, laughing, crying) then links you with a fellow app user (ideally a complete stranger) who is charged with delivering your message to the desired recipient. As the project’s very entertaining promo video demonstrates, the app can help break the ice on an awkward conversation, or deliver a special message when a text just won’t do. However you choose to use it, Somebody is designed to draw attention to our reliance on anonymous communication and get us talking again, face to face.