Be a Bettertarian

the-bettertarian-philosophyAs food production becomes a more important (and contentious) issue than ever before, it’s vital that we have the knowledge to make the right choices for our health and our planet – as well as the animals we rely on for sustenance. That’s the aim behind the new ‘Bettertarian‘ food philosophy launched by Target 100, a sustainability initiative of the beef and lamb industry. The campaign includes a three-part documentary – Journey of a Bettertarian – taking us from paddock to plate at the beautiful Bangor Farm in Tasmania. Presented by TV chef Darren Robertson and sustainable food advocate Rebecca Sullivan, the video features three urban Australians who quiz the farm’s owners about the way their beef and lamb is produced, gaining a better understanding of animal welfare and sustainability practices in the process. This ‘Bettertarian’ lifestyle includes respecting the land and animals, minimising waste by eating the whole animal and, above all, understanding where our food comes from. With horrific factory farming methods recently banned in ACT (a groundbreaking result), but the problem of a growing global population to feed still looming, we believe anything that encourages conversations around better farming methods is a step in the right direction. Visit the Target 100 website to join the conversation, and to find out more about Australia’s cattle and sheep farms and their increasingly sustainable practices.