Add a #MeMade Touch to Any Outfit with These Sweet Bag Patterns

Once you start sewing, there’s a very pleasing thought that starts popping up in your head with increasing regularity – “I could make that.” It starts with a skirt in a shop window or a sundress that passes you in the street and, before you know it, you’re ripping coats off your friends in order to check out the interior construction. 

Don’t let the hubris of your god-like ability to create go to your head, but, the truth is, you are even more powerful than you may know. Your domain does not extend merely to clothes. You can make bags as well!

We know the sheer possibilities seem endless! To help narrow it down, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite bag sewing patterns to help you add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and conveniently lug your stuff around whether you’re travelling heavy or packing light!

Totes awesome

The humble tote bag is incredibly ubiquitous in bag patterns, being as it is, beginner friendly and endlessly useful. Infact, Peppermint offers our very own free tote pattern which makes a great place to start. Once you’ve built up your confidence you can move on to more complex takes on the classic, like Cool Stitches’ Scrunchie Tote or TYTKA Studio’s Triangular Frill Tote

Pack it in

Fanny packs, bum bags, belt bags, whatever you call them, they’re back and they’re cool now. And it’s about time! Bum bags are convenient and fun and we’re tired of pretending otherwise. Try Sarah Kirsten’s fancy Fennel Fanny Pack or check out Spoonflower’s free pattern.   

If you’re still worried about looking like a daggy dad, remember to wear it cross body stylez – that’s how the cool kids do it. 

Shape up 

Make a bag that stands out from the crowd by opting to build your design around a fun shape rather than your regular rectangle. Circle the wagons with All Well Workshop’s Full Moon Bag or channel that skater girl street cred with Dana Design’s triangular Nellie Bag

Baby got back

Backpacks aren’t just for the babies. You’re never too old to take advantage of the ultimate in hands-free holding experiences. Especially when you make it yourself in some stylish sophisticated pattern like Merchant and Mills’ transformable backpack market tote twofer, the Costermonger, or the scandi-style Raspberry Rucksack from Sarah Kirsten. 

Itsy bitsy 

Or maybe you prefer an unencumbered experience and don’t want to be tied down by any big bad bags. Is it just you and your phone against the world? Check out these adorable crossbody phone bags from Minki Kim. Got a few more worldly possessions? Try the Assembly Line’s sweet little scrunchable purse pattern. Live your best Lizzo tiny bag life!