Back to School

Laneway Learning

There’s no shame in being a jack of all trades but a master of just some – especially when it comes to the practical life skills we once relied on for survival and creativity. If ‘learn a new skill’ is a promise that’s still floating around your New Years’ resolutions list, check out the curriculum offered by Laneway Learning, an informal urban education program designed to introduce people from all walks to new or forgotten skills. With a year-round program of evening classes already established in most Australian capital cities (and in Singapore), Laneway Learning have tapped the knowledge of local professionals to develop a fantastically varied program, delivered by specialised guest teachers from your community. Upcycling old furniture and scrap materials to make practical household items is just one of the lessons to be learned – you can also take a class in cooking with superfoods from a qualified naturopath, learn the basics of urban beekeeping, or get introduced to meditation. From working with polymer clay and flower arranging to practicing the art of self compassion, making mozzarella to propagating native plants, there is a hands-on, DIY-focused class to suit everyone. Laneway Learning happens on weeknights in cafes and bars around the country, and with low admission prices and small class sizes, it’s a perfect opportunity to get back to school.