Art from E-Waste

It’s no secret that e-waste is a growing problem for our global community, but much of the environmental and social damage wrought by disused technology items is still swept under the rug. A massive 23 million old mobile phones are estimated to be sitting in homes around Australia, but it’s hard to imagine what the sum of our tech waste might actually look like. This time-lapse video shows artist and environmentalist Chris Jordan creating our largest-ever e-waste artwork using 12,000 old handsets, one for every mobile phone that is sent into retirement each day in Australia without being recycled responsibly. You can see the masterpiece for yourself and even donate your old phone to be part of Chris’ installation when you visit Melbourne’s Federation Square this weekend as part of this year’s Sustainable Living Festival that continues through to Sunday February 23. For tips on how to dispose of your old mobile phone and accessories the right way, visit MobileMuster.