Thank you for partnering with Peppermint! We couldn’t do what we do without you.

To help make the process run as smoothly as possibly, here’s a few guidelines to help with your advertising.


To ensure your advert is as effective as possible, we recommend you don’t exceed the word limit of 20-40 words per advert. While it can seem tempting to use lots of copy, the advert can end up looking overwhelming, unprofessional and confusing – meaning your ad has less impact than one with a simple, strong and memorable message. We pride ourselves on having a high standard of design and professionalism, and want to help ensure your brand is in line with this. We are more than happy to assist with designing your ad if you need a hand, so please just let us know!

Ads that have been designed to look like editorial are not allowed, sorry! It confuses the reader and creates mistrust – as much as we love partnering with you, we want you to stand out as the unique brand that you are.


We can probably agree that we both want you to look your best. We can help with that by creating professional artwork that reflects your brand. We know what works and what our audience responds to, so let’s work together!

Photography is key to driving a strong message. Get in touch if you need high-quality, eye-catching shots for your advertising – we are happy to create photos that you can use in your ads, and keep as assets for your own marketing and social media.

Print Specs:


• 390mm wide x 265mm high

• CMYK print ready (PDF preferred)

• 3mm bleed on all sides

• No crop marks

• Send to our ( or by a file transfer service like

• Please name your file with your business name. 

JUST AN FYI: Outlining fonts (or saving as a JPG or TIFF) will mean your website will not be picked up as a live link in our online digital edition.


Minimum 68mm x 62mm 300DPI image (no logos or text). 

We will write 50 words of copy – please supply background info or specific points you’d like us to cover.

Web listing discount offer optional (code supplied by us). Visit our current marketplace to see what other brands have offered:


• Minimum 40mm x 40mm 300DPI image (preferably a product with plain background).

• We will write 20 words of copy – please supply specific points you’d like us to cover.


Homepage banner: 1220W x 300H pixels

Homepage featured square: 386W x 386H pixels

Side tile (blog / sewing pages): 243W x 300H pixels

EDM newsletter banner (static): 600W x 200H pixels