A Very Minty Xmas Giveaway!

Did you know that Father Christmas used to wear a green suit? Tis true. And we tend to think around here that the spirit of the silly season could do with a slightly greener hue, and so we’re opening up our sustainable stockings and sharing our favourite finds with you! We will be posting a huge swag of gorgeous giveaways on our Facebook page over the next 7 days, so if you think you deserve to be on Santa’s ‘nice’ list*, then share the links with your friends for a chance to win. There’ll be no lumps of coal thank you very much (non-renewable resource didn’t you know, Saint Nick), just lots of wish-list-worthy treats, including homewares, skincare, fashion and loads more. Be sure to check back regularly to see what’s up for grabs!

*Peppermint will require confirmation from Santa that winners are not on the naughty list.

Please note that you must have an Australian postal address to enter.