Nightingale Floor Film

A Song for Orangutans

Music can be a powerful tool for bringing us together and, in this case, raising awareness about important issues like the destruction of orangutan habitats in Southeast Asia. Some of Australia’s most talented musicians – Sallie Campbell, Kate Miller-Heidke and Daniel Denholm among them – have come together to write and record a song that brings attention to the problem of palm oil plantations and the impact they have on orangutan populations in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. The catchy tune Nightingale Floor has an eerie and beautifully shot film clip to go with it, which you can view here. It’s subtle – there are no gory shots of destroyed rainforests or orangutan carcases – but the analogy of natural wonders and breaking free from the cages in our hearts is powerful. We don’t want to give too much away, because it’s worth watching for yourself! You can find out more about palm oil and make a donation to the Orangutan Land Trust, who are helping to secure land for the survival of orangutans, here.