Teeki Time

Teeki are a terrific company showing us how fashion and green should go hand in hand by leading the way in sustainable and stylish activewear. A US based operation which makes bikinis and activewear out of recycled plastic water bottles, Teeki talks about creating a ‘Greenstream’, which is all about bringing a ‘going green’ attitude to mainstream fashion. Given that we are heading into summer and heading outdoors, we have a pair of the cute Clouds Hot Pant (pictured) to give away to one lucky reader. These versatile, elastic-free pants are great for biking, running and of course, yoga. Simply leave a comment below telling us your plans for these Clouds Pant for your chance to win! {Comp closes 5pm, Tuesday 23rd October 2012. Open to international entries}.

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210 Responses to “Teeki Time”

  1. Peta Serras says:

    My plans are simple! Woo my clients with my pants and take their mind off the pain from Pilates. I am an evil evil teacher!

  2. Nicole Ellem says:

    Oh my they are soooo cute :)

  3. Elena Lipson says:

    These gorgeous colors will brighten up my gray Pacific Northwest Winters.

    Thank you

  4. Petra Masek-Yi says:

    I love to wear this pant because of the clouds, envinorement. Great for biking, running and yoga. So much for fun in everyday or relax with your legs at home :-)

    Regards from Sydney, deaf!

  5. Petra Masek-Yi says:

    I love to wear this pant because of the clouds, envinorement. Great for biking, running and yoga. So much for fun in everyday or relax with your legs at home

    Regards from Sydney, deaf!

  6. Melissa says:

    Oh I LOVE these! Perfect for my upcoming trip to tassie..walking, kyaking, yoga, and general travel! Comfy and stylish in 1!

  7. Jo says:

    Every weekend I go for a bush walk with my friends, these will be my walking & gym pants! I have been looking for something different for ages! These are so beautiful, and more importantly, they’re recycled! That is so cool!

  8. Lucy says:

    I intend on giving up my car this summer so these will keep me looking cool while I’m riding my bike and feeling anything but!

  9. Genna says:

    ooh these are fantastic. I’d wear them to pilates, zumba classes and running. Although I will have to remember to stop looking down at my legs so I don’t run in to anything. Distractingly lovely!

  10. Jennifer says:

    You’ll catch me day-dreaming in these. Love them!

  11. Sarah says:

    Nothing like a HOT pair of pants to get you motivated to get moving, cycling, walking and gym class-ing … Or to do some graphic designing in … Or to play with my beautiful children in … Um not sure I’ll be wanting to take them off! Do you think I could sleep in them as well?! Love them!!

  12. Kat says:

    Not only is it time to work for that bikini body again but for me its time to also work off the 3 months of a broken leg fat!

    These pants will help me get all my strength and flexibility back from Pilates to my morning work out. When I can run again they will be my companion on so many adventures.. beach runs, bush walks and cycling through the city.

    You can look great and sweat at the same time 😉

  13. Sarah says:

    I would love to wear these everywhere the colours are so beautiful! They would look amazing with my roller blades :)

  14. Jayne says:

    Oh My Goodness, these pants are breathtakingly beautiful. I plan to put them on to woo my husband out of bed and come walking with me in the mornings. He needs some motivation.

  15. Rosalind Newson says:

    Theses tights will be a perfect motivator to get me back into exercising after a long break! Yoga, running, cross-country, push ups! Great for showing off that fab figure I will get with some hard work.

  16. vicki griffin says:

    The colours are cool I’ll wear them to the pool to hold in the bulges whilst I try to keep cool.
    Swimming, walking cycling too I’d love a pair of these just for the awesome thrill, like clouds in the sky I’d be brightly running by.

  17. Lorien says:

    How inspiring! :) My plans for these lovely eco-tights are to wear them Salsa dancing during summer, to Yoga when I teach, to Parties when I just want to be comfortable & colourful, out to Dinner when I just don’t feel like taking them off! For nature bush-walks, to meetings…. I think I would wear them 24/7! :) Love this concept and the creativity! x :)

  18. Sarah says:

    My plans would be to love these pants and share the word of such a fabulous company on my blog http://livinggreeninamodernworld.wordpress.com/ It’s about saving the world one step at a time whilst not sacrificing our modern world. xx

  19. Isabella says:

    My plans for these pants are to wear them! My wardrobe is lacking colour and a green stream item!

  20. Raquel says:

    Lovely pans! Perfect for a busy mom of a toddler and a new born. I’d wear them just to follow my little girls in all her adventures.

  21. Jo Stewart says:

    What a heavenly pair of leggings! Beautiful to look at, kind to mother Earth and no doubt su

  22. Jo Stewart says:

    Super comfy to wear. I’ll wear them to yoga, so my ardha chandrasana (half moon pose) flies high and shines brightly!

  23. Bella says:

    Such lovely pants!
    I want to wear them on our hiking trip in NZ later this year, after we witness our beautiful friends get married in Queenstown!
    After the trip they’ll get plenty of use for running and yoga. And just wearing, because they are fabulous.
    Bella x

  24. Chelsea Clementine says:

    Well, to reward myself for graduating my first degree this month I have signed up for a long-awaited gym membership – now that I actually have time to get away from my laptop! However, after enduring a mortifying first yoga class in which I found my trusty old black leggings had split up the middle, I now find myself in the tragic situation of having no workout gear to get my groove on in… That is until I discovered the meaning of love at first sight with these gorgeous babies. Pretty please oh pleeease can they be mine? My head will be stuck in the clouds until then 😉 xxx

  25. nandita says:

    Yooogaaaa! I want to do my yoga in these please!

  26. Natasha says:

    I would be on cloud 9 (pun intended!) These clourful clouds cold take me from yoga to a night out with the girls and keep me going all night x

  27. Amanda B says:

    What a fantastic way to bring together fashion and the environment!

    These fabulous go-green-leggings would make a great addition to not only my yoga routine but to my day-to-day wear. I love everything about recycling and environmental conservation and would be so grateful to help spread the word about a brand that is gettig a head start in this. Loooove the pattern and the colors – reminds me of a summer sunset. :)

  28. Alethea says:

    I am on a bit of a cloud right now, with my 3 day old baby boy here. When I have my energy back I’d love to get moving again in a pair of hot leggings like these!

  29. Betsie says:

    Oooooooh my goodness me – these are seriously sexy! If they do become mine, these babies will do some yoga and also some running along the creek! They might watch a few movies too… Beauties!!! I can’t believe they’re green too…

  30. Miranda says:

    Wow what an awesome example of recycling! I’m all for sustainable and recycled fashion so I’d wear these amazing tights everywhere and use them as a conversation starter to discuss the importance of Eco fashion :) I’m sure these ‘bright tights’ will have no trouble attracting attention, let’s get more people into them :)

  31. julia says:

    in this pants, i will skydive through the sound barrier!

  32. Jo L says:

    Clad in these eco-tights, I will eat clouds for breakfast and plan escape routes through the city!

  33. Martine Aiyana says:

    These are gorgeous. I recently got the desert bells, and I absolutely adore them! I would love to be enveloped in this work of art.

    The possibilities are endless when you’re floating in the clouds:::

    Live in the light,
    Love this life~
    Martine Aiyana

  34. Bettina says:

    Oh my! I love the print and colours on these pants. I would wear them at the gym … but wouldn’t limit it to that! At the park, doing the laundry, weeding the lawn… haha. :)

  35. Hope says:

    Fab colours, I love them…I’d wear them to yoga, cycling & most everywhere…Cloud Hot Pants you are fantastic!!

  36. Maggie says:

    Omg. Love these pants. I was at uplift and really wanted to get them. 😀 but didn’t have the cash. :( I would love to wear them to yoga class. < 3 let's keep recycling.

  37. Nikki DeMartini says:

    I just rocked my northern lights leggings from Teeki this past weekend at the Treasure a island Music Festival and got so many compliments!! Spreading the word about Teeki in an environmentally friendly atmosphere in and around SF is what I’d do while wearing these clouds hot pants, in between Pilates, yoga and strength training of course! I think it’s important to be fashionable while being fit, it’s a great motivator! Teeki Teeki Teeki!!

  38. kaylee says:

    I’m an LED hoop performer and would wear them for my shows.

  39. Jessica Mole says:

    I like to go hard in my crossfit workouts so I need some soft pretty tights to keep me in touch with my feminine side while I sweat like a man.

  40. Joey Foo says:

    This pant is going to light up the day of everyone that is sitting next to my mat or attending my class. The colors is going to enlighten the mood of everyone and their practice is going to be so light as if they are floating on clouds. When it is worn as casual it is going to be a new fashion icon for leggings.
    And most importantly not about the beauty of this pant, but the true meaning of loving the earth by recycling more

    <3 the earth

  41. Gretchen Stelter says:

    So pretty! I’ll use them for aerial and yoga! Starting my teacher training this winter, and they would be lovely in the gray of the winter here. :)

  42. Taylor says:

    My plans for them are to be the FIRST pair of yoga tights I own even though I’ve been practicing yoga for ten years now! I have half a room dedicated to my yoga sanctuary full of energizing warm yellow and orange colors (including my yoga mat) so these pants would exude the happiness and energy that I need from my practice. And they would replace the lame gray sweat pants I’ve been wearing for years. Furthermore, two months ago I started practicing once to twice every single day and these beautiful pants would be the perfect celebration of my new dedication!

  43. Arnie says:

    These would be such a neat Xmas prezzie for a cool person I know, she would put them to a very good use :)

  44. Taylor says:

    P.S. I’ve been in love with them ever since I saw my yogi inspirations Kathryn Budig and Briohny Smyth sporting Teeki pants.

  45. Kim says:

    I would love to wear these and not only wow people with how nice they look but with what they are made from. Great recycling

  46. kailyn haskovec says:

    I’d hike 14 thousand foot mountains in them, sweat in yoga in them, and wear them as I bike all around town!! I would truly lovely these pants, they’d make me feel constantly inspired and grateful

  47. Michelle says:

    Definitely would wear these to my yoga class, and then never take them off.

  48. Jess says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous! I’d get them out for running and cycling – I’m currently training for my first triathlon, so it would be awesome to wear something fun!

  49. Paige says:

    These pants will be loved and worn… Worn in the street…. Worn on the mat…. Worn to meetings and at my desk. I’ll drink coffee and tea and eat cupcakes and kale. The sky or should I say clouds are the limit to what I can do when I don’t have to worry about pants. Oh cloud pants, I’m into you!<3

  50. Laura Helms says:

    I’ve been coveting these pants for months now! I’d wear them with dresses, yoga, and walks with my daughter. They are simply stunning, and the message behind them even better!

  51. Sara says:

    I would be in the clouds with these pants 😉 from raging at music festivals (like SnowGlobe) to laying at the Edge of the World (in Humboldt) watching stars, to stretching after a long day of work, these pants will keep me free, comfy, and lovin’ life! :)

  52. txikinana says:

    Looove these! I would wear them pretty much everywhere but especially to my yoga classes and for nights out with some pretty high heels :)

  53. Melis says:

    I would definitely wear these pants hiking to my upcoming trip to Hawaii (first time going) and then a nice yoga and meditation session at the highest point of the hike. Nice and close to the clouds.

    I would also run them for my two races i have coming up (also my first time doing a race), the color run and the half marathon turkey trot, both for charity!

  54. Rye says:

    These are the coolest leggings in the world!!

  55. martha says:

    Yoga! Long walks on the beach…. and maybe some running too. :) Super cute!

  56. Kim says:

    My cloud-covered gams will enchant my 2-year-old and 4-year-old who do yoga with me everyday. Since they spend much of our mat time crawling between my legs, these will be enjoyed by all three of us. When they find out the pants are made by water bottles, they’ll really flip!

  57. Angela Jones says:

    These are phenomenal! If I were to win them, I don’t think the question would be where to where them, but where not to! I’d wear them everywhere. Show them off to everyone! Bike rides, shopping, leisurely days with friends, out to the club, etc… They fit my personality perfectly! Color, comfort, style, and a statement! Plus, the fact that they are earth friendly makes them perfect :) I want!!!

  58. Ashely says:

    Celebrate by getting back into my full yoga practice after 3 months with a broken leg, and then dance everywhere I go!

  59. Rachael Terranova says:

    wear em at music festivals, raves and pretty much anywhere

  60. Bridget says:

    My plan for these phenomenal pants would be to wear them with my knee high combat boots and my moms vintage sheepskin jacket! :)) it is this outfit in which i will take over the world

  61. Taline says:

    could use on all occasions, exercises, outdoor excursions, visits to friends and family. are so many options that I could wear the pants 24/7 :)

  62. Jenny says:

    The sky is by far the most beautiful thing in the world… I’ve always wished I could be as pretty and I guess I can by wearing these pants! Love the colors – they’re amazing. I’d wear these anytime, anywhere

  63. Lisa says:

    These are beautiful! They would definitely inspire to get fit and healthy for my wedding. They would be well used for yoga in the mornings and cycling in the afternoons.

  64. AnnieFire says:

    these pants are awesome! I am a fire performer and am constantly looking for new items to add to my costumes. Because of the particular subject matter and color scheme, these are PERFECT for the summer music festival season! If I were to win these, they would be my go-to festi-pants :)

  65. Gem Jackson says:

    Perfect for extremely fashionable, early morning jogs along the beach with puppy! X

  66. Jasmine says:

    So gorgeous ! I would wear these with a oversized tee or light jumper (ethically made of course!) and my ssekos (best shoes ever) Plus you can wear them working out!! BONUS!!

  67. Svitlana says:

    These look like phenomenal zumba-yoga-pilates-go-everywhere pants! I’m planning on becoming a zumba instructor when I return to the United States and I would love to have these in my collection for class.

  68. Maggie says:

    Take an adventure with a grin on my face and never look back

  69. Lynn Gayatri says:

    i would love to wear these to meditationat the Lotus temple daily.
    they would brighten up the ashram and my days with winter coming quickly!
    my Swamiji loves color so much, he would be so happy if i wore these!!
    Om Shanti shanti shanti

  70. Bob says:

    I would give these to my wonderful girlfriend whose birthday is in the beginning of november, perfect timing 😉

  71. Tony Lastro says:

    My GirlFriend is a Geology major. I would love to surprise her with these amazing hot pant. For her to wear when she goes on digs. To be absolute comfortable and sexy all at the same time. These Completely suit my gf’s Supreme Pro-Green outlook on life. Not to mention they are way hotter than anything Black Milk Clothing is making. 😛

  72. Kayley says:

    I’m off to visit my mother on her military base in Dugway, UT for my birthday in a few weeks. We plan on hiking a mountain to mine for topaz. These would be the perfect birthday pants and remind me of the many colors i’ll be soon gazing at during my first Western sunset. Plus having not seen my mama in over 2 years, what better than these cosmic threads to ‘wow’ her with :-)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  73. Debra says:

    i will use them for another way to make every day amazing awesome pants lol

  74. belinda/gretchenmist says:

    very cool! i would wear them with my new {2nd hand} denim skirt. . .

  75. Sally Crispe says:

    gardening, playing with kids, running, work, play…aka everything….they are awesome!

  76. Traci Jordan says:

    Bring on the Teeki’s…..time to look HoT & Sweat a LoT!!!

  77. Kerry says:

    Pilates in cloud pants… Oh, yes… Kerry :)

  78. amanda posner says:

    wow now those would get me to strut my butt back to class!! it sucks when you fall out and get to busy

  79. Lisa says:

    Envelope my legs in soft recycled fabrique with style abd get myself to yoga class.

  80. Jessica Morrow says:

    My plans for these Clouds pants are simple, to brighten the day of passer byers when I walk by them. I want to put a smile on everyone’s face. What better way to do that then by wearing a happy statement outfit :). Oh also they would be great at all the music festivals I go to!

  81. Rosie says:

    Masterpiece…Definite for opening night of the Asia Pacific Triennial exhibition at the Qld Gallery of Modern Art.

  82. Amanda B says:

    Uh oh! Left a comment earlier, but it seems to have disappeared! :(

    From yoga at the beach to a day-to-day wardrobe piece, I would wear these on as many occasions as possible! :)

    These pants are absolutely amazing! I love everything about them from the great sunset-esque colors & pattern to being eco friendly.

    I am a big supporter of the preservation of the environment and would love to help out a brand that is so passionate about it! Love xx

  83. Hern says:

    The possibilities are endless. From making someone smile to sweating it out. How awesome are the these pants?

  84. Cassandra says:

    I plan to rock this pants at yoga teacher training! :)

  85. Sarah says:

    My plans will be to finally try these lovelies- I have been wanting to forvever!!!

  86. siu says:

    I will float endleslyyyyyy through the day, and become a cloud watcher!

  87. Beth M says:

    My plans are to wear these for my daily yoga practice so I can have even more fun! My hubby would love me in these.

  88. Ashley Mason says:

    If I had a pair of these cloud hot pants they would be a staple in my spring/summer festival wardrobe. The pattern and color is beautiful and they looking amazingly comfortable, which takes care of my #1 and #2 biggest concerns when dressing for a festival. Comfort and style are paramount!

  89. Flying Yogini says:

    I plan to fly in those awesome pants!

  90. M'Lissa Geatches says:

    I plan on wearing these pants ALL THE TIME! Of course ill wash them once and a while :). I will wear them to power yoga, To the mall, and to take my kids to school. I’d LOVE ti see the look on the other moms faces. I like to stand out and these pants would allow me to do just that.

  91. Margi says:

    I will travel the country from coast to coast.. Frolic through fields, play by the ocean, and lay under the stars in these amazingly beautiful rad leggings!!! Please!!

  92. Shell says:

    Instead of gazing at the sky, people can daydream at my legs. Cumulus pinsamus.

  93. Andrea B says:

    These are beautiful I would love to get groovy in them and dance the night away! Dancing and music = life!

  94. Maleeha Haq says:

    My plans for these pants are to wear them to show how creative they are, especially beautiful. I like wearing things that equally make me feel at ease as the way they look. Amazing color blending.

  95. Mariah says:

    I would love to hoop it up wearing these. I would totally rock them in the center of the next drum circle!

  96. kirstin Kidd says:

    i need some yoga pants! and some running pants.. and some pants to chill in. yep i need these.

  97. Amanda says:

    I will proudly strut my stuff in those pants everywhere – to yoga class, on hikes, around the house. No matter where I’ll be stylin’ – and happy knowing my outdits’s sustainable, and recycled. That’s renewing!

  98. Lauren says:

    This pants are so amazing! I’m outside all the time working with kids at my preschool. All the kids will love the bright colors! If I had these Clouds they would be worn everyday, maybe the kids will add some color too! :)

  99. allison says:

    I actually own these pants and they are the BEST hot yoga pants. The print is so beautifully inspiring during class. The pant itself is the ultimate in performance – stays in place, dries quickly, little slippage during arm balances. I plan on giving these to a friend who loves hot yoga as much as I do and whose day would be brightened by these clouds!

  100. Emily Rose says:

    Living in the beautiful mountains of Vermont this landscape hits home for me. I would def wear these when I workout on the TRX – ski – run – lounge – with a cute long sweater- I guess the question should be when would you not wear these :)

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