Mindful in May

Meditation is a bit like having a superpower up your sleeve. By regularly sitting down to do nothing for short stretches (OK, admittedly that part...

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Bare For Good

Celebrities caught in the nuddy often make headlines for all the wrong reasons – but this time, it’s all for a good cause. Ahead of...

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Thala Beach Nature Reserve

If your idea of a relaxing holiday involves lounging about an eco-treehouse immersed in a natural wonderland in the warmth of tropical Far North Queensland,...

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"Community Trade is part of the DNA of The Body Shop and ... a prime example of how we can challenge industry norms,” Will Stephens, head of sustainable sourcing, says.

Power to the people

Back in the 80s, the notion that business could be a force for good was pretty revolutionary. Most companies were more obsessed with their bottom...

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The Press Tour

Here’s definitive proof that it’s entirely possible to look sharp while wearing planet-friendly threads. Emma Watson’s been gallivanting the globe promoting her new film Beauty and the...

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The story of microfibres

It seems a touch far-fetched, the idea that little bits of your favourite jumper or dress could be massively contributing to marine pollution, slowly morphing into...

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