A Minty Christmas


Getting undies for Christmas has never been better with thanks to Thunderpants! Up for grabs is an $100 voucher (with free postage) for anything you fancy from the organic, New Zealand-made range of underwear, activewear and swimwear. For your chance to nab it, comment below with which Thunderpants products you’d most like in your life! {Competition closes Sun 22 Dec at 5pm. Australian and New Zealand postal addresses only}. #mintyxmas

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50 Responses to “A Minty Christmas”

  1. Mads says:

    Womens Hipster Sky Blossom! Though, one would be unstoppable in any pair of Thunderpants! Such awesome undies.. I don’t think I’ve wanted a pair of undies so much! <3 xx

  2. Wendy _c says:

    The Womens Hipster Powder Floral are cute and very girly. The pink colour is just gorgeous. These Thunderpants undies look like they would be very comfortable too :)

  3. Varshti says:

    I love the Thunderpants underwear, having been ‘blessed’ with some very generous hips and behind Thunderpants are ideal for me as they don’t skimp on the coverage and have a very comfortable fit. I love all the cute patterns and the matching singlets too.

  4. Alicia Fox says:

    I would love love love to have the Women’s Hipster Sky Blossoms in my life xx Super cute!

  5. Serena says:

    The originals with the owls rock!

  6. Courtney says:

    Definitely an original pair of Thunderpants! Who doesn’t want an organic pair of undies with an artichoke print!? They look super comfortable!

  7. sussi mallon says:

    Love the Womens Powder Hearts Cami & Powder Hearts Hipster Thunderpants and the Artichoke Straight Leg Pants, very organic!

  8. Rebecca S says:

    I’ve been crushing on the green dogs thunderpants forever! I think it has something to do with my obsession with french bulldogs… And the aeroplane pants are so beautiful, too! :)

  9. Nicki says:


    To start with – the original womens thunderpants (too many beautiful designs), artichoke straight leg pants & boxers for hubby!

    Gorgeous designs, so happy to have found this wonderful business! Thanks Peppermint Mag!

    Merry Christmas

  10. Claire says:

    The entire Hipster collection is adorable, but my pick is the blue ‘Beasties’ print.

  11. Mirinda Angelene says:

    well it’s such a hard choice but when I’m on my bicycle riding along and my skirt blows up and everyone can see my knickers I think those broccoli artichokes will give them something to look at!
    Have a lovely xmas peppermint!!


  12. Stephanie says:

    Artichoke straight legs! I would wear them everywhere! Um, until I had to leave the house that is…

  13. Alexa Ridgway says:

    Many eyes would feasty upon the wonder
    Of the beasties hipsters made by thunder

  14. Hana says:

    The Easter Bunnies! And you can wear Thunderpants as pants right? They are too cute to cover up!

  15. Kristina says:

    Easy question to answer! Green dogs because I love dogs!

  16. Kelly says:

    Definitely the artichoke straight pant and some hipster thunderpants!

  17. Kirsten says:

    I’m really really liking the hipster broccoli artichokes – perfect for my coming year of growing my vege garden! So happy to find another great NZ brand I haven’t heard of.

  18. Lex says:

    I think the plain red “salsa” thunderpants are beautiful!

  19. Lucy says:

    Some new hipsters would be great

  20. katie says:

    WOMENS ORIGINAL POWDER FLORAL would be the best christmas gift ever !!!!
    Thanks for the offer Peppermint!! x

  21. Jasmine says:

    The womens hipster green dogs are adorable! x

  22. Lea Anita Black says:

    Mens woodwork boxer, for my son as he indeed needs some!

  23. Victoria says:

    Blossom I think…

  24. Clare says:

    A mix of prosaic and quirky . . . Love to have a black cami and a pair of Original Spikey Hearts. The world may see the prosaic but I know what’s underneath;)

  25. Trexalot says:

    Women’s hipster amethyst crystal would be nice!

  26. SweetMarie says:

    Every Christmas my daughter gifts me a pair of original spiky hearts thundies!! For the last 4 years she has saved a small part of her pocket money to be able to carry on this tradition. I would love to be able to give her the $100 voucher so she can start her own Thunderpants collection! X x

  27. Laura says:

    I would love a pair of the active sweatpants. It is so hard to find eco friendly exercise clothing! Thanks! :)

  28. Rachel says:

    I would definitely have to pick the girls original sky owls, perfect for toilet training as the dreaded wedgy is hard to combat! love the coverage

  29. Alex says:

    I already have two pairs of thundiesand would love love love to add to my collection…..would adore a pair of hipster sky blossom undies and matching cami……thunderpants are the best!

  30. Liz says:

    The womens hipster green dogs, so I can definitely rock out with my jocks out and know that I’ll be comfortable, stylish and supporting a family run business with ethical practices!

  31. Sam Kennedy says:

    The very best undies ! I have several and would love some to share will friends ! You know get the thunderpants message out there !
    love Sam x

  32. Sam Kennedy says:

    Any would be great maybe a singlet !

  33. Cecilia Jean says:

    Wow!! so many amazing prints to choose from!! but i loved the Womens Original Broccoli Artichokes so cute!!!

  34. Holly says:

    Thunderpants original would make me feel like a superhero!

  35. Candy says:

    Love the Straight leg pants would wear them to tap in the winter months.

  36. Virginia Mason says:

    Thunderpants – haha sounds like a super hero name! Love it! The Women’s Sky Blossom Cami and Hipster Sky Blossom pants look like a beautiful combination.

  37. Ross S says:

    Mens Boxer Salsa Robots – because I’ll always know that under my staid work clothes I’m wearing something AWESOME!

  38. Sally says:

    The hipster powder floral and sky blossom are just gorgeous! I would just LOVE them. :)

  39. Leeanne says:

    I love the Thunderpants hipster style. Great patterns too – no more plain undies!

  40. Jo Britt says:

    I love giving and recieving underware for xmas, such a practical gift

  41. Maryanne Doherty says:

    Anything organic floats my boat! 😀 But I do love the women’s hipster sky blossom.

  42. Trina Bassula says:

    Kraken hipsters! I have been admiring thunder pants since I saw them advertised in your mag a few years ago? LOVE their designs :)

  43. Cluey Suey says:

    the hipster thunderpants look so comfie…

  44. Melisa Kagie says:

    The Womens Hipster Amethyst Crystal are so divine, I just wanna make them all mine!

  45. Miranda says:

    Am in desperate need of some new underwear, and I love the thunderpants. The beasties, the powder blossom and the sky blossom hipsters are my favourite!

  46. Steph says:

    My daughters and I are into matchy matchy at the mo so we could match our thunderpants… Otherwise the boys can instead!! Either way it will be space invaders hands down!

    Hugs Steph

  47. Amanda says:

    So smitten with the green dogs! I reckon I could chill out in a deck chair wearing these with a plain white singlet. Throw in a glass of wine and a good book and I’m set for the holidays!

  48. Melissa Jones says:

    Womens Cami Sweet Hearts is my favourite. Lovely pattern and comfortable material.

  49. Annika Victoria says:

    I just like the original plain salsa ones! They look really flattering, and I really love the colour.

  50. Julia Nguyen says:

    Being the dog lover I am, definitely the green dogs!

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