A Minty Christmas

Bon Bon Soaps

Christmas crackers aren’t the only kind of Bon Bons we love! Murphy & Daughters triple hand-milled Bon Bon Soaps use only certified sustainable palm oil and are prettily packaged in recycled paper by social enterprise Ability Works. The trademark soaps are now complemented by a range of paraben-free body lotion and hand wash products, as well as sweetly scented hand-poured candles made from pure vegetable soy wax. For your chance to win one of three sets of Bon Bon Soaps, tell us the funniest (or silliest, or most illogical) Christmas joke you’ve come across! {Competition closes Tue 24 Dec at 5pm. Australian postal addresses only}. #mintyxmas

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15 Responses to “A Minty Christmas”

  1. Benjamin Travia says:

    Why was Santa’s little helper feeling down?
    He had low elf-esteem.

  2. Alexa Ridgway says:

    Who says oh oh oh? Santa walking backwards (or perhaps Santa in the sack)

  3. Emily says:

    If athletes get athlete’s foot, then what do astronauts get?

  4. Lea Anita Black says:

    Why did Santa don a rain coat? As he was told there would be reindeer (rain dear)

  5. Jacquie says:

    This is one my kids keep telling which is apparently hilarious!

    Why are Christmas trees so bad at sewing?

    They keep dropping their needles!


  6. Michelle Rugg says:

    What do you call a cow with no legs?
    Ground beef.

    Lol such a bad joke on many levels :)

  7. Angela Wijangco says:

    What do you call a chicken wearing a shell suit?

    An EGG!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wendy _c says:

    Who is Santa’s Favourite Singer?

    Elf-is Presley!!!!!

  9. Candy says:

    What did the Christmas cracker say to the other Christmas cracker going on his holidays?
    ‘Bon Bon Voyage’.

  10. Alex says:

    And then there’s this old favourite……

    What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?

    A wooly jumper, of course!

  11. Melisa Kagie says:

    Q- Who says Oh, Oh, Oh?
    A – Santa walking backwards!

  12. Trina Bassula says:

    What do you get if you cross Santa Claus with a duck?

    A Christmas quacker!! 😉

  13. Kayla says:

    This one I got in a Christmas bon-bon about 10 years ago and It’s so bad I still haven’t figured it out!

    Q:What do eskimoes use for money?
    A:Ice lollies

    Anyone care to shed some light on this one for me? It’s plagued me for over a decade

  14. Colette says:

    What kind of pizza does Good King Wenceslas like?

    One that is deep and crisp and even!

  15. Paul says:

    What is Santa’s cat called?
    Santa Claws

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